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Marketing Floor Plans, Fire Safety Plans, HMO Plans, Land Registry Compliant Plans and Licence Plans



We provide plans to estate agents, private owners/occupiers, builders and designers, architects, fire safety officers, business owners and many more.

How House Plan Direct Works

Draw Your Own Floor Plans

Have your hand-drawn floor plan, house plan or blueprints

converted to electronic computer designs.

We provide a computer-aided design (CAD) service to both

professionals and first-time floor plan designers.

Floor plans are increasingly useful for:

Marketing both domestic and commercial property for sale or to rent.

Designing new domestic or commercial buildings, or extensions.

Renovation or redecoration of internal spaces.

Planning applications and registering the property with the relevant authorities.

The CAD file we provide gives you a permanent representation of the current

building dimensions and can be reused multiple times for a multitude of purposes.

Our service is flexible and we make the plans look exactly how you want them to

with customised detailing and keys, company logos and disclaimers.

We firmly believe the plans we convert should always be owned and

usable by our customers so we always send the CAD file so one can be assured

to be able to make or have other companies make changes to the files we provide you.

The Process

Once you have decided on the plan to suit your needs, we will guide you

through the best way to measure and sketch for your specific floor plan.

You then take a clear picture or scan your sketch and upload it to the

website or email it to us and we will convert it to a usable electronic version.

We will send you; as standard a Jpeg, a PDF and the CAD file. This allows

you to always have your floor plan on file to send back to us or other

property professionals to use should you wish to make future changes or add details.

Types of DIY Floor Plans

Marketing Floorplans

Our basic house plan is a floor plan of a building showing the layout and

location of all fixed objects within a property. In black and white with

room extent measurements and room names; the floor plan shows the

location of all the different rooms, door and window openings and fixed

objects such as sinks, cookers, sideboards, showers, baths, WC’s and

cupboards. Our basic house plan is ideal to illustrate the layout and

orientation to a potential purchaser or tenant or to help visualise any

planned changes.  The floor plans are not necessarily drawn to scale

(although it does help) and can, therefore, be very quick and easy to draw.

We can add colour, convert it to 3D and add furniture to further add to its usefulness.


Add colour.

Add 3D.

Add furniture.


For domestic and commercial buildings.

Marketing a property for sale or to let.

To visualise layout for a renovation project.

To visualise furniture positions.

Scale Floor Plans

Our scaled plans offer a more detailed option and remove the clutter of measurements. This helps to add further details specific to your needs.  The floor plans are drawn to scale with a scale bar, location address and orientation north arrow.  A scale plan is perfect for illustrating specific information such as fire exits and alarm points or potential design changes. More time-consuming and challenging to sketch it’s recommended to sketch to scale and we will provide a guide on how best to do this.


Add dimensions.

Location map.

Symbols and key.

Boundary lines.


Domestic and commercial buildings.

Planning applications.

House of Multiple occupancies.

Lighting design.